Sunday, December 28, 2008

Caught Not Taught

This December we focused on Advent - remembering the Lord through various Biblical names. It was so much fun to see Drew captivated by who God is, not just one aspect of God, but God in all his Glory and Abundance. We put the ornaments away yesterday and Drew was so sad to see the Advent ornaments and tree leave our entry way. It was sweet watching him place each ornament back in the "puzzle" book that they came in. He called each by name as he placed them back - "Goodbye Father of Light," "Mommy, here goes the Bright Morning Star," "Where does the Good Shepherd go?," "Here is the Cross, I mean Savour," "Good Bye Bread of wife."

We opened Jesus' gift first on Christmas morning - so it wouldn't get lost in the gift opening. His gift -- a home made book filled with pictures and verses and personal writings about the gifts we gave Jesus in December. Though we would like to see our children giving all year long, this month in December it was especially important for Drew and Gabe to see that giving is intentional and the way we give gifts to our Lord is through sacrifice and love. I tried to impress on Drew's little heart that we're blessed to live in this wealthy country, yet with great wealth comes great responsibility. We can't keep all that wealth for ourselves, we must give it back to the Lord generously through blessing others and the church.

We tried to explain to Drew how others live, so we watched a little video about the impact a Water Buffalo can have on a poor Asian family, we also looked at pictures from the children receiving their Christmas boxes in Mexico. We also looked at pictures from India and China - pictures of little children his age. Here is how the conversation went, in the end I think I learned a lot more from Drew's reaction, than Drew learned about giving. I am so grateful that children learn best from watching their parents, instead of from their parents words, because my words weren't very impactful. I think God was smiling at me; smiling that he was sending His message through the simple words of a child. A message that -- life's circumstances can't be an excuse for not pursuing a relationship with God,God can work all things together for good and in the process, often changes our hearts instead of our uncomfortable circumstances. A joy filled life is a personal, daily choice that has everything to do with Christ Himself!

M: "Drew, look at that house made of cardboard, could you imagine living in that"
D: "Oh, that would be fun, its just like camping! I love camping."

M: "Would you like to play and wash dirty clothes and drink from that same water source? Doesn't it look dirty, would you drink out of that water?
D: "That is yucky to drink, I'd get sick, I would like having a mud fight mommy, could I have a mud fight with those little children?"

M: " Drew could you imagine if mommy only fed you rice each day?"
D: "Rice, that isn't good!" "Could I have pizza?"
M: "No we couldn't buy pizza, we could only afford rice."
D: " Oh, I'm not hungry right now."

M: "Wouldn't you be sad if you had to dig in that dirt all day long preparing the land for crops, that is really hard work! If you had a water buffalo it would do all that work for you in much less time."
D: "I would like working there, look at all the dirt, I could build a fort or a train track for my trains."
M: Sigh......

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