Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Without Daddy

We survived the weekend and had some fun! Drew and I made a Thanksgiving Can out of an old oatmeal container and our own hand prints. Drew loved it and really got involved - which is unusual for him! He loved helping trace Gabe's hand print and then gluing the paper hand prints onto the can. When it was time to write down what we are thankful for Drew said, "Jesus and God, wait, Jesus is God.... so I'm thankful for Jesus!" I love watching his mind wrap around God's truth; he was remembering the Catechism that says,

Q. "How many God's are there."
A. "There is only 1 True God."
Q. "How many persons are there in the Godhead?"
A. "Three - Father, Sons, Holy Spirit"

We baked pumpkin bread this weekend! Drew loves it so I think we'll have to make another batch for when Daddy comes home. We also cleaned out and organized the pantry and fridge. Most of the weekend we were home, we went over to my mom's a few times and had dinner - it was so nice not cooking! We also went to Cabella's on Friday, we took my Nana, and Drew escorted us around the whole store. It was fun watching him marvel at all the life size stuffed animals. He especially loved the fish pond with the Moose in the center. Drew's been a little book worm, so we spent some time reading on Saturday. He loved reading next to mommy and I was able to get half a chapter in!

Gabe is still sick, but he didn't wake with a fever this morning. I think he has the same virus he had while camping. He is very gassy and his stomach is bloated. He is still sleeping in the car seat, positioned in the closet. Poor little guy, his face is so pale and his eyes are all red. His nose is still a faucet and now his nose and lips are chapped from all the mucus. I was going to take him in today, but since his fever broke I think I'll wait it out another day. I hope he is on the mends.

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