Monday, November 3, 2008

This November

(Waiting for Baby Gabe to Arrive 11/2007)

This November I will not.....

... suffer under the weight of my large abdomen
... check my blood pressure daily
... be on partial bed rest
... wonder whether our little Gabe is safe to deliver
... fear spending Thanksgiving in the hospital
... miss seeing Drew in his costume
... be able to cuddle a newborn
... stay awake all night gazing into the eyes of my sleepy son on his birthday

... wake every 3-4 hours in the middle of the night for feedings
... be adjusting to being a mommy of 2
... be exhausted and unable to keep many of our Thanksgiving traditions
... listen to little sucking noises while my newborn nurses

(November 2, 2007 - Gabe's almost here)

This November I will...

... enjoy every second of my family because it all goes by so quickly
... enjoy capturing the Thanksgiving spirit and continue with our William's traditions of story reading, thanksgiving lists, and french toast casserole!
... enjoy Gabe's first birthday!
... watch as my son grow from an infant into a toddler - getting into everything and now walking!
... enjoy making Thanksgiving treats for the neighbors

... finally get to trim the bushes and weed out the flowers that didn't survive our first frost

... enjoy my favorite holiday in my favorite season (Thanksgiving & Fall)
... find pleasure in the ordinary tasks of life (ie. laundry, dishes)
... hold my kids extra tight and love on them because I'm not promised a lifetime with them, I'm not even promised tomorrow, only right here and now.

~ It is amazing the blessings that can take place in just one short year. ~

(November 2007)

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