Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving List 2008

How great is your goodness,
which you have stored up for those who fear you,
which you bestow in the sight of men
on those who take refuge in you.
Psalms: 31:19

Our family spent the day thanking the Lord for His "indescribable gifts." While many spend this holiday mourning the loss of loved ones we are simple thankful to be together for another year! We loved waking up late, talking together as a family, reading the Thanksgiving story (part of it anyway!), eating a yummy brunch, and taking our family photo's. Oh, we can't forget loosing Gabe outside in the backyard tonight too! So here is the Williams 2008 family thanksgiving list:

  • Drew is thankful for Jesus, his church, his school and his wonderful teachers Andrea and Misty. He is also thankful for his friends and for cookies!

  • We're thankful for the wonderful home the Lord has provided where we can raise our two boys and truly enjoy fellowship together. I am especially grateful that we converted the dining room which we rarely used into a library. It is now a wonderful room to relax and read in. I'm also thankful for my skilled husband who built the most beautiful shelves which hold our massive supply of books!

  • We're thankful for our jobs which allow us to give generously and provide for our children. Many we know are loosing or have lost their jobs, which has inspired us to live on less! I'm thankful that John is very loved at a certain school and that they ask him to substitute a lot.

  • I'm so thankful for a husband who leads us with great faith and servant hood. Lord thank you for this godly man who depends on You for wisdom and direction.

  • My boys, they are such a blessing! While many children in our days are disobedient and disrespectful, I'm so grateful for two children who are learning to obey and respect authority. They certainly aren't perfect, just in process like all of us. They have such a heart to serve and to listen to instruction; their joys to be around and their excitement for learning is so contagious. It is so wonderful to enjoy being their mommy, when many hate to spend time with their children, I'm thankful for the influence God has provided me for this very short time in their lives - Lord may I do it with vision and focus, with my eyes fixed on You!

  • I'm grateful for my camera, it captures memories, emotions, and expressions that otherwise I would have forgotten. Pictures allow me to look back at where we have come from and look ahead to the eternal blessings in store for us in heaven.

  • Speaking of heaven, I'm so grateful for Drew's interest in heaven and Jesus. Just yesterday while reading our catechism book he exclaimed that he needed to go to God's castle to ask him to forgive him. It was so special to witness his face when I reminded him that Jesus is omnipresent - everywhere! He was glad that Jesus could see him even when others could not, but really wanted to go visit that castle so he could see it for himself. The curiosity of an almost 4 year old daily reminds me of my #1 job as a mommy - to point him to His Savior, so someday Drew will ask Jesus to live in his heart forever.

  • We're thankful for our marriage, it seems to grow deeper and more intimate each year of marriage. I can't believe that we're only a month away from our 6th anniversary. Though the last few years have been our most difficult, we're so committed to each other that those trials just remind us of our commitment we made on January 11th. I know 2009 will bring us closer together in the Lord than ever before - thank you John for your diligent prayer times. You have certainly shown that when you put your mind to something you can accomplish anything! I'm so proud of you for choosing to bless our marriage in daily sacrificial prayer.

  • We're grateful for coupons and our heart to live simpler and on less income. It is a great challenge to choose to live on less, it is also very fun! It is also fun to see the progress it brings towards paying down student loans!

Lord Jesus ~ With 2008 wrapping up, I'm patiently going to enjoy each remaining day, for each day is a gift to share, not something we're promised. Fall is my favorite time of year, nothing smells greater than the crisp, cool fresh air each evening reminding me of togetherness, intimacy, and God's sacrificial love for mankind. Jesus' death on the cross was the most gruesome and horrific event in all of history - the killing of a perfect man sent by his Father to remind us of God's love. Of all the things I'm thankful for, Your sacrificial love for me goes beyond using the word "Thankful." There are no words, but somehow all the words woven throughout the Bible; your love letter to the lost, evoke Your love and unchanging character. You never fail me and are always looking for those lost prodigals who need to come home - whom I was not too long ago. Thank you Lord for never giving up and always pointing us to the death of your son Jesus so that we may find eternal joy with You. Amen

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