Friday, November 7, 2008

Spoken Friendships

Friends are amazing! I spoke this Thursday at my Mom's group on frugality. My two best friends were priceless. Bethany woke at 5:30 am just to pray for me and Nicole spent her day off driving an hour up to Keller and then helped me with my props. What amazing and wonderful friends I have! I am so very blessed.

(Peaceful Mommy & Son Moment)

The talk went very well! I've never spoken in front of people for longer than 5 minutes, so to talk for an hour was very intimidating, but the Lord was so gracious! Everything worked just as planned, except my talk went over by about 15-20 minutes! It was great though, the audience really seemed interested and asked some great questions. I also had a game and a 4 minute video clip which broke things up. God is so gracious, I just can't tell you how nervous I was the night before, but when I woke up that morning the nerves were mostly all gone.

I'll be posting in pieces my paper on frugality in the next few days.

(Speaking of Friends, photo's are courtesy of friend Zac!)

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