Sunday, November 16, 2008

Save on Dining Out (Part 4)

Goal #2: Drop our dining out costs from 125.00 per month to 50.00. We haven’t quiet mastered this one, but are getting close (75.00)

:: Friday family pizza & movie night (5.00 pizza’s from Little Caesars’ or 7.00 pizza’s from Papa Murphy’s, free movies from family video)!

:: Cooking batches of Breakfast burrito’s for those crazy mornings when tempted to stop for fast food, convenience is the #1 reason we eat out, so by making things more convenient at home it cuts down stopping for a quick bite.

:: Use coupons from the mail, or sign up online! When we go out we always find coupons for BIGIF or 20% off your total meal. If you have the press pass it works at many different restaurant. (Spring Creek BBQ mails out a monthly BIGIF coupon).

:: Limit Television, studies show that the more television you watch, the more you consume. Instead turn on a worship CD or listen to a sermon online. Better yet, get rid of cable altogether and save some serious $!

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