Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Tonight I sit, alone, wondering,
What would my life have been,
Had grace not swooped down,
Covered this heart of sin
Changed me from within?

One year ago tonight I sat,
Alone, wondering,
What will my life be like,
With the blessing of two sons?
A quiver full of young hearts
Soon to become men,
Will it change me?

One year ago I didn't know,
How one little life of joy,
Could bless my heart,
Change my life of structure,
Through deep soul searching,
Deep pressures,
Only God knows the
within my soul.

You, my son challenged my faith,
You put pressure where I needed to grow,
Growing from 3 to 4 was more than painful,
That pain, more than just birth pains,
Forced lives to change,
Forced habits to change,
Forced my mind to change,
Forced holiness to sprout from within.

Thank you Lord for grace and life ,
the grace only you can give,
the life only you can create,
the love of raising this child,
Brings me to my knees.

May I Shepherd this little heart,
May I make You lovely in his eyes,
May his heart learn of of your merciful grace,
May he grow into a man of holiness!
May he be a man of the Word -
Living it
Breathing it
Memorizing it
Obeying it
Praying it faithfully.

Protect his mind,
Protect his thoughts,
Protect the delicate heart that beats the breath of life,
Protect him from the evil one,
Protect him from complacency,
That Sunday only faithlessness,
May he abide in You alone,
The Author and Giver of life.

Gabriel Allan - God's Able Bodied One

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