Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quiet Week

We enjoyed a nice and quiet week. I worked on IBR posts and on a seminar I'm giving to my mom's group entitled, "Frugality: Stretching God's hard-earned dollars so you can simplify, save and generously give more!" I'll post sections of it after Thursday! Please pray for me ! I really hate public speaking and the thought of getting up in front of 50 women really doesn't thrill me, but I'm being obedient and trying to have a little fun with it too. So far I've included a 4 minute little video clip and about 10 questions which will allow me to share 10 special items that I've purchased for free or made money on. I really hope the ladies enjoy it. My audience is stay at home mom's, so saving money is a topic that should interest many.

Drew has been a little angel this week, today while I was vacuuming he came up to me and said, "Mommy, would you like help with sumthin?" He proceeded to pick up anything and everything in the vacuum's way. Then he found his purple vacuum and we had vacuum wars! I've been working with him on learning to be a servant, so today he thoughtfully brought in the grocery bags that weren't too heavy. On his last trip the bag was a little heavy, so I offered to carry one side, while he carried the other. He replied, "Oh, sure mommy, that would be really nice. Thank You for helping me." Once my jaw was picked up off the floor I gave him a huge hug! He has also been telling us that he loves us about 50 times a day, which just makes my day every time.

This week we worked on the memory verse from Proverbs 15:1 - "a joyful answer turns away wrath." It wasn't going so well, so by evening John offered Drew a trip to the donut shop if he memorized it. Well, that night before bed Drew cried because he wanted to work on his verse so he could go to the donut shop in the morning. We proceeded to work about 20 minutes until he had it memorized. So sweet!

Gabe is mobile and walking all over. He is the happiest and giggliest little thing. He loves to smile and laugh. Can you tell we're in the "romance" phase with our kids. Give us a few weeks and I'll be sharing all the naughty things they've done! We are finally committing to take the Intentional Parenting seminar our church offers. It is a 1 year commitment, there are speakers the first of each month and then you meet with your accountability group once during the month. We missed the first month's meetings so we're a little behind.

I have pictures of the kids in their costume's but am waiting to get them from our best Photographer Zac! Mommy forgot her camera and he was gracious enough to step in!

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