Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mommy By Day....

One year ago tonight I sat in bed cuddling my little man, kissing on him and talking to him while he gazed up at me. I memorized his face, prayed for his faith and future spouse! John was there too, sleeping away on the uncomfortable plastic cushions they call a fold out bed! Thank you Lord we only had to stay 1 night!

Tonight, its late and I'm exhausted. This whole "Mommy by Day, Accountant by Night" has me very busy and exhausted. I love both of my jobs, but being a mommy takes the cake. I'm so grateful for the Lord providing me a work from home, challenging, dependable job of almost 10 years - my I sound old! But, today I just wanted an evening to myself. No numbers, no reports, no reviewing checks and applying cash and finding those pennies that somehow wander off. I wanted to go back to 11/19/07 and cuddle with my little man. Oh, for Gabe's cuddling days when he peacefully slept in my arms or next to me in bed.

Tonight I tried getting cuddles, but Gabe would have nothing to do with it! Off to the closet for night # 6 of sleeping in the car seat. So, it is 11:00 pm and this accountant is tired, but looking forward to relief arriving tomorrow at 2:30 pm on United flight XXX. I can't wait for you to come home honey, this is my last night to sleep alone and steal your comfy pillow!

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