Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gabe's 1 Year Old Party

Daddy is home and we celebrated Gabe's 1st Birthday today. Gabe loved eating his cake and playing with his Mayflower boat and pilgrims. I am so embarrassed, Gabe fell in the bathtub on Thursday night and ended up with a tiny scratch on his eye. It really didn't look too bad and he only cried for maybe 10 seconds, but now he has a huge shiner. All his birthday photo's look like we beat him. So sad!

Gabe went in for his 1 year checkup and weighed in at 22 pounds 12 ounces (50%). So big! He is 27 1/2 inches tall (-5% ). His head circumference is 18 inches (25-50%). His tummy issues hadn't gone away so the doctor suggested removing milk from his diet and replacing it with soy. Yes, it worked! He is back in his crib. He should only be off dairy a month or so, just to give his tummy and intestines some time to heal from the nasty stomach bug. I'm so relieved he is back to sleeping 12 hours!

It is so nice having Daddy home! We all missed him so much! John surprised me on Friday with a trip to the fabric store with his interior decorator and seamstress. He works for both of them building whatever their clients need. Anyhow, he had saved enough to surprise me with custom window treatments for the down stairs! I was way out of my league at the fabric store, it was totally overwhelming, but having expert people to tell me what works and what doesn't was really helpful! I really was out of place, each print I was thinking to myself, "What would this look like with little finger pudding prints all over it!" We actually came up with some ideas that will look great, be functional, and be out of reach of dirty hands! I am so excited with the fabrics I picked! They should be done near the end of December! John is so sweet! The whole time I was away he watched the boys and never once called to ask when I'd be home.

We're getting ready for Thanksgiving! I'll post our annual list soon!

There are many more Birthday pictures on the photo page to the right!

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