Saturday, November 15, 2008

Drew Quotes

Mommy to Drew, "Are you glad Daddy is home?"Drew replied, "Oh yes, I'm sooo excited!"

Drew to Daddy, "Gabe doesn't know how to play on my level."

"I'm making a castle (out of cans from the pantry)!""Who will live in that castle" Mommy asks?"Well, Jesus lives in my castle, silly mommy!""Mommy, will you kiss this can, it fell off and got a boo boo?""No, Drew that can is dirty, I'm not kissing it." Mommy stated."It's not dirty, it belongs to Jesus! Please kiss it!"So... I kissed the can, I couldn't resist Drew's cuteness!

"Mommy, my tummy is grumbling... that can't be good!"

"Mommy, I think your swell!"

"Mommy, my eyes are raining!"

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