Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Gabe is now cruising! I think he is done crawling, he loves to go anywhere his big brother goes. Today he fell twice and has a black and blue forehead to show for his hard work. He also started to say Mommy - well actually it comes out "Maa," but it still counts!

Drew is still in school two days a week. We go around the table each night and ask what the best and worst parts of everyone's day was. Tonight Drew said the best part was going to school, the worst was coming home. So sad! Our little social man loves to be around children!

I am so excited to say I've finally taken the plunge and bought my first SLR camera! I've been waiting for 2 years for the price on the Nikon D80 to come into my price range. It will be here tomorrow and I can't wait!

John is substituting and loving 4th grade! He was asked to be a long term sub for someone going on maternity leave the end of January. He is very excited that his face is well known around the school and that all the kids and teachers love him. John is set to take his next exam in January for all subjects K-4.

That's about it around here. I'm just busy with work and the boys!

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