Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sweet Prayers

Tonight Drew prayed:
"Thank You Jesus, for my mommy and daddy,
Thank you that I went to Mcdonald's and was able to play,
Thank you for the children that have no toys,
(He means, thank you that we get to bless them!)
I love to play and run around.
Tonight we went to ToysRUs to use the rest of our gift card from when Gabe was born. We have some Christmas boxes to send to the Lockwoods in Mexico - they will distribute them to the children in their village. I can't wait to get wrapping with Drew! He was so good while we were shopping, he picked out things that he would like but was eager to give them to the children of Mexico. I'll post pictures soon of our boxes!
We treated Drew with a trip to McDonald's and he played for over an hour! He hardly ate anything, but played with all the wild children - he fit right in. Gabe enjoyed sitting on our laps and eating french fries. He also enjoyed apples and a bottle too.
We also did some Christmas shopping, don't tell Drew but some of the "toys for others", are really for him! Daddy found some Nerf swords to add to the collection, as well as some armor. John wants to build a sword holder for the library, it will look so cute! Gabe's birthday is in 1 month, how did that happen? We're getting him some Fisher Price "Little People" sets that mommy fell in love with. One is a "boat" as Drew calls it which is suppose to be the Mayflower, another set has the feast for Thanksgiving. I'm so excited, can you tell? We also bought him Noah's Ark for Christmas!
Well, back to applying cash and then off to bed!

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