Sunday, October 19, 2008


We've had a whole week to reflect on Home Makeover. Its been a quiet week, often John and I find ourselves thinking, "I wonder what the __ family is up to in their home?" "Is God answering our prayer of Faith for them and their neighbors?" "Has the neighborhood changed, have any seeds started to sprout?"

We are so blessed to have a God that wants us to participate in Kingdom work! What a privilege to emulate the King of Kings! We serve such a big God, the weekend probably changed our hearts more than those we served!

I've noticed such a peace in John since last weekend, he loves to serve and has always felt his gift of carpentry and tools was hard to fit into Kingdom work. This past weekend he was able to serve unbelievers and believers alike by doing what he loves, teaching! He spent most of the week prior building the front railings and a bookshelf just so he would have time during the Makeover Weekend to teach. It was a privilege to watch him in action. I'm so proud of his patience, knowledge, and ability to be calm even amidst the trails -like having some fail through the ceiling hours before the reveal!

I felt blessed to watch the body of Christ in action. I helped landscape on Friday night and was getting a shovel to start digging holes when three men came up and said, "where do you want them?" as they took the shovel from me. What servants. The side of the yard had 4 large shrubs/bushes planted in only 20 minutes! It was such an encouragement watching men and women come together with hearts to serve in any way necessary. I was convicted that often I'm only willing to do those things I'm good at, this weekend I learned to be more open to serving wherever there in a need.

My first step of faith in following through with this conviction is by speaking to my Mom's mentoring group about budgeting and frugality. Yikes! They had asked me a month back and I wasn't sure I could do it. But have since prayed and been more open to whatever God would have me teach on. This is huge for me, I hate speaking in public, and I'll be speaking for 45 minutes! Please pray for me, I'm terrified!

We're off to the Pumpkin Patch! I'll post pictures soon!


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Megan Green said...

Hey Melissa, what Mom's group do you belong to? I need to find one now that I am at home with the girls, can you send me your e-mail address so we can chat? mine is
I would call you but that really does not work with the girls...JoElle quit napping years ago and when I am on the phone she wants my attention :)