Thursday, October 23, 2008


How was my 29th Birthday, you ask? Well, lets just say that perfect is the opposite work I'd use. The day began perfectly, I slept in and John took care of the kids. When I woke and went downstairs, I found a large hole in the wall and Drew waiting on breakfast - at 9:30? "Why isn't Drew in school?" I not so casually state, about that time John grabs Drew, and the snack I had packed the night before and whisks him off to school. They arrive 10 minutes before the snack is needed... whew!

Next, the large hole in the wall is explained, it is needed to place all the TV wires behind the wall so when the TV is mounted, you don't see any cords. Great, it was promised to complete by Wednesday, but isn't, which leads me to the next "imperfect Birthday story."

There is nothing like getting puked on, especially when it is your Birthday! Drew came home from school that afternoon and mentioned to me his tummy hurt, I turned and bent down to comfort him and about that time he threw up all over the floor and my nice clean shirt and jeans. Drew proceeds to puke and scream hysterically while I tried to calm him down. When I mentioned that since he really was sick, "he'd get to watch Little Einsteins," he finally stopped screaming and agreed with me, "I sick" he proudly confessed. I then took Drew upstairs and John so sweetly cleaned up the floor. What a wonderful man! Unfortunately, by evening John wasn't feeling too great. So, my birthday evening was spent sitting in traffic for 1 1/2 hours taking my dad to the airport and then taking care of two sick boys - one of whom had it coming out both ends. The following day Drew felt much better, but John and Gabe were both sick. Thus, the hole in the wall still sits!

Presently, John is driving Gabe around the block at 11:10 pm Thursday night in hopes that the Benedryl we gave him kicks him off to sleep. Gabe has a fever and hasn't slept in 48 hours. He is whiny, hates to lay flat on his back, and cries hysterically if John or I leave the room. We both took shifts last night and are praying for a good nights rest, but aren't optimistic. Gabe really feels sick and I think he may have an ear infection, so we're off to the doctor tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, our camping trip was delayed a day and we're really praying that we can leave Friday morning after Gabe's appointment.

Earlier tonight, John took me out on a surprise date to somewhat rectify the Birthday fiasco. My husband is so sweet and tolerant of my frustrations. As for the date, I spent an hour in the bookstore drooling over Children's books that I just knew Drew would love. My favorite book is about Oregon and I think it deserves its own blog post when we're back from camping!

So, my 29th Birthday epiphany has been,

" There is no such thing as perfect,
life happens while waiting on perfection;
cherish the imperfect ticks of the clock
for true joy is found in those
imperfect memories of life."

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The Minter's said...

Happy Birthday a few days late! So sorry it was a mess. I hope your boys are better soon and the camping trip is a blast!