Saturday, October 4, 2008

Joy Comes In The Morning

431. I was so blessed to see the Movie “Fireproof,” John set up a sitter and we had a date night out. Now three days later the movie is still on my mind, it was too good for words! I love the lines spoken near the end of the film:

Catherine Holt: What day are you on?

Caleb Holt: 43.

Catherine Holt: But there are only 40 days...

Caleb Holt: That doesn't mean I have to stop.

Did you know that Kirk Cameron, a Christian evangelist, refuses to kiss any woman other than his wife? So in the film, they dressed his wife up and shot the kissing scene in the shadows so no one would know..such integrity!
432. My brand new shelves that John built for the library/school room. They are beautiful!
433. A wonderful family who gave me some time off to spend with the girls!
434. My friend Bethany who took time away from her sweet husband and son, she visited for 5 days! We didn’t chase frogs this year, but went on a road trip to visit old friends.
435. Drew’s love for his new teacher...
436. My mother’s group, it’s such a relaxing time spent learning about being a mom and wife!
437. Calm, peaceful Saturday, 80 degrees, sunny, time spent with family
438. Drew’s little voice making me laugh!
439. Our favorite song to dance to, “Today Is The Day” by Lincoln Brewster
440. Worship, quiet, worship with the Lord
441. Posts which were written easily and a sweet husband who took over the house for a few days
442. My new toilet that John installed in the bathroom, not so happy about John throwing his back out...

443. The Audit is complete!
444. Rhubarb from Kroger – it only took 6 visits over 2 weeks to finally get some. That's what I get not stocking up during rhubard season!
445. The yummy Strawberry/Rhubarb pie that I made for John tonight, I can’t wait for his smile when he walks in the house and smells his surprise
446. Gabe’s sweet smile when I drop him off at church for my mom’s group. He loves to stay and entertain all the older ladies. When I pick him up they report about how he had the whole hall in fits because he was giggling so much. I’m so blessed that he doesn’t mind being left for a few hours.
447. Visiting with my old Youth Pastor and his family, what a treat to catch up and show them my kids. How fast time is for this mommy! It was just yesterday I was watching their kids, now they are teenagers!
448. A quiet morning of visiting with neighbors and baking and packaging all my cheap chicken (59 cents a pound!).
449. A clean car!
450. My garden is still looking beautiful even in October! The frogs are enjoying the moist soil and yummy bugs!

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