Saturday, October 4, 2008

Drew Funny

A few days ago Drew and I were chatting about the company I work for. I said that I was tired because my company was having an audit, I was so glad to have the audit over with.

Drew replied, "I don't like my company either."

Mommy: "You don't work for a company?"

Drew: "Yes I do, you know it really hurts to have a company."

(Mommy totally lost by this point)

Drew (sensing my confusion), " You know, they give you a shot and clean your company." (Drew then begins pretend brushing his teeth)

Mommy: " Oh, you mean a cavity?"

Drew: "Yes, a cavity, isn't that what you were talking about"

A Cavity and a Company are the same... right?

I wonder where he learned about cavity's? He doesn't have any. but has been to the dentist twice?

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