Friday, October 17, 2008

Christmas & Birthday's

Well, I'm having way too much fun getting Gabe's Birthday "shopping" done. Shopping is in quotes because I did it online. I love Thanksgiving; put their Mayflower Boat on sale! I love it, we're starting to collect the Little People sets, their safe and fun for Gabe who loves to put things in his mouth, but also fun for Drew who is into character playing and setting things up. I ordered a few additional Christmas gifts too since there were many other things on sale (Drew is getting a race car track!). I even found a coupon code for 15% off plus free shipping.

During our shopping Wednesday I used the rest of my giftcard on Noah's Ark for Gabe's Christmas present. It's so cute! I love the musical train, but decided we really had spent enough on Little People for a while. I do think the "Little People" name is fitting for us, don't you?

Gabe is getting the above Mayflower boat plus the feast set for this Birthday next month. It will be a perfect addition to the telling of the Thanksgiving story. Then, when Thanksgiving is over I'll put them up with the Thanksgiving decor and Gabe won't notice! It will be something fun that we play with during the Autumn season. Gabe also received the Little People Drummer Boy set (below) and hopefully the Nativity set for Christmas, I just haven't found the Nativity set on sale yet. Kohl's normally has 50% off Fisher-Price around Thanksgiving so hopefully I can get it then. I had such fun playing and setting the boat this afternoon! John thought I was a little nuts, he kept calling it a Pirate Ship just to make me mad. Gabe had fun playing with the boat too, before I boxed it back up, he even walked on his own over to it! Gabe is now consistently taking 3-4 steps before sitting or falling over! He is so proud of himself!

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