Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Autumn Camping 2008

We had an amazing time camping with our great friends the Tyson's. This trip was by far the best, most relaxing, camping trip we've done. The first night was a little hard, with noisy neighbors who woke the kids up, then Gabe became bloated and screamed. John, sweet John, put Gabe in the car seat and went for a 1 hour tour around the park at 11:00 pm. The poor guy was very gassy from being sick and couldn't find a comfy position to relieve all that pressure. The car seat worked its magic and he slept peacefully all night long in the van - with Kitty on guard.

Drew had so much fun being a total boy, inventing with sticks and flashlights, trying to catch fish in a broken net, jumping in the Brazos river, imagining with his best playmate Zac, throwing the ball for Kitty, getting dirty, and eating PB&J sandwiches. Both nights he begged me to put him to bed. He also enjoyed riding his bike and playing in the "spooky forest!"

The trip was so relaxed, we just kept talking about how nice it was. We didn't forget too much and our days were spent playing in the river, reading or taking quiet naps. It was awesome! The lack of heat was also nice, the weekend was perfect with the high around 80 degrees and the low at night in the 40's. Many layers of clothes were needed and are now washed and put away. We even used our winter coats that hadn't seen the light of day in almost a year!

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