Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rain Filled Weekend

This weekend has been wet, thanks to Hurricane Ike! The perfect weekend to start decorating for Fall! Drew had a lot of fun helping me get the box out of the attic and look through all our long lost treasures. The only treasures that didn't make it were the pumpkins from last year. Evidently they were real! I thought the tiny little decorating pumpkins were fake so I boxed them up. Well, they spent the hot summer molding and smelling up all my beautiful fall decorations. It was very funny watching Drew pull out the dry, molded, green pumpkins and exclaim, "What is it mommy?"

John spent his Saturday at a Men's conference in Fort Worth, one of the singers was Steven Curtis Chapman - our favorite artist! Our friends the Tyson's made our day extra special. Nicole and Ethan visited with us while Zac went with John to the conference. Nicole and I had fun working our grocery list for Albertson's (73% savings) and then enduring the Cabella sale so the Tyson's could get their new tent - it matches ours! The day was great, the only downer was running in a monsoon to the car at Cabella's.

Drew's imagination has been running wild, he jumped out of bed the other night while I was trying to tuck him in. Drew landed head first on the ottoman. When I asked him what possible possessed him to jump so expectantly, he cried, " I thought I was a bird, but I have no wings. I need some glue mommy, glue my wings back on so I can fly!" What does a mother say to her tearful child after than? Possible a lecture on natural laws vs. moral relativism?

Friday's Movie & Pizza night was awesome! John didn't fall asleep this time and we all enjoyed Nim's Island (except Gabe who had to go to sleep!). Drew loved the storm and the volcano that smoked. The bearded dragon's were very cute too! Drew was sad at bedtime because we forgot to get the white chocolate popcorn that we made out of the freezer.... oops!

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