Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Lifestyle of Thankfulness

“When it comes to life,
the critical thing is
whether you take things for granted or
take them with gratitude.”

~ Chesterton

411. Discipline that was accepted graciously and a sweet prayer of heart change.

412. John’s men’s conference, John really enjoyed all the worship!

413. Routine date nights, John even calls and arranges the sitter!

414. So grateful for Gabe’s front teeth.... finally!

415. Power, we’re so blessed to have hurricane Ike miss our area, there was little rain and only slight wind.

416. I’ve been frustrated with the slow speed Drew has been memorizing the catechism’s and took a week off from working on them. Today we started working on them again and Drew new the first 10 without help or guessing!

417. Drew talking to Gabe while playing in the bath tub, “Gabe, focus...focus Gabe on playing with me!” So cute!

418. New bookshelves and storage for our new “library/school room,” I'm thankful for handy husband who can build anything!

419. Drew’s new teacher, she is wonderful and a huge blessing and answer to prayer. Drew adores her and loves his classmates. The other class/teacher didn’t click with him, he cried and said he didn’t like school. We’re so blessed God worked it all out!

420. My Mom2mom class started on Thursday! I love getting together with other moms, the benefit of older/wiser women is invaluable!

421. Blueberry pancake Sunday!

422. Watching my sweet boys play happily together!

423. A fun Saturday spent with Nicole & Ethan!

424. Drew’s first unassisted prayer spoken in a whisper, “Jesus, God, help me to obey my mommy and daddy, watch over me while I sleep, I love you. Amen”

425. Generosity, a generous spirit being passed on to Drew, I love watching his empathy for others!

426. An early screen door birthday present just in time for Autumn bouquets & gentle breezes

427. First soup of the fall season - peaceful home enjoying the smell while caring for sick little one.

428. A surprise for sweet husband – a hunting trip to Oregon with his family - a dream he thought of often, but didn’t expect to become a reality!

429. Cooler weather, the impending breeze of fall, the changing of the seasons!

430. Drew’s face when he got caught red handed “sawing down the neighbor’s tree with daddy’s hand saw.”

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