Friday, September 5, 2008


I really love Friday's! Friday is our Pizza night, we also just added movie night to the equation. Drew and I wandered into Family video while our Papa Murphy's pizza was being made and discovered that they have Free movie rentals - yes I said free! We studied the "Arctic" over the summer and they had a documentary on "Antarctica" so we claimed that movie as well as "Green Eggs & Ham." They had a ton of other free movies that Drew drooled over. We rented the "Bee" movie for a whole 1.50 and watched that for family night. It was fun, except John fell asleep before the movie started.

Lets see, John took me out on a date Thursday, we went out to eat and then to Home Depot where he purchased my Birthday gift a little early. We are working on snazzing up the downstairs and since John works for an interior decorator she came over and gave us some great tips. For starters, John fixed my under counter lighting, added a light under the sink (where my new storage shelves are located), installed encased blinds on our back door, and is presently installing a screen door/pull out screen. I love it! We're going to repaint the red wall and do a few other little things. John bartered with the seamstress and he is exchanging work for venetian blinds all downstairs. The dining room is turning into our playroom/library/school room. I'm excited to take the money I earned selling some furniture and buy book shelves and a comfy rug. We'll see how it turns out.

Drew's first week of school went well, but we're moving him to the Tuesday/Thursday class - the 3 day a week class was a little too much for me to handle - I love Drew being home with me, plus my mom's group meets Thursday's so he would have been at school 4 out of 5 week days. Now, he will only be gone 2. Gabe is still teething - his diaper rash is back so that means the teeth are actually moving up a little. I can't wait to him to be done teething for a while.

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