Thursday, September 18, 2008


Well, I thought I'd update you on my quest for arising with the clock instead of the children! All week my alarm has gone off (that's the good news), the bad is that Gabe's clock is about 5 minutes earlier than mine! All week I've looked over at clock to realize that the loud voice wasn't my alarm but my sweet son who somehow knew this week I was aspiring to get up early. Oh, I also re-read my last post and realized that I spelled "bare," "bear.!" Very nice! So the reality this week was that I woke early, the bad was my time with the Lord was still in the evening while I was tired and uninspired!

I did manage to play with the boys today, ignoring laundry and floors, I played "Hide & Seek" the only problem was the dog kept finding me instead of Drew. We also "buried" Gabe in the sandbox and danced around the living room while Gabe laughed hysterically (really he fell over from laughing so hard!)!

Now, I'm off to laundry duty and preparations for tomorrow!

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