Sunday, September 28, 2008

Drew's Funny Quotes

:: Drew to Nana (on the 4th of July), "Look Nana, there are spiderwebs in the sky!"

:: Drew after waking up with a messy pull-up, "Oh no, mommy. my poop woke up before me." After sitting on the potty Drew exclaimed, " Mommy, my poop must have gone back to sleep, it won't come out."
:: "Look Mommy, my fingers are praying!" As I look into the backseat, Drew has his tiny fingers laced together -- smiling with glee.

:: Mommy to Drew, "Drew, we don't run around the house naked, take the underwear off your head and put them on your bottom!"

:: Drew pulling the Q-tip out of his ear, "Yuck mommy, there is pee in my ear!"

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