Thursday, September 18, 2008


(1 Year Ago!)
John told me this story tonight and I had to share. Lets just say its a good idea I wasn't there. When your the mother of boys life isn't ordinary!

Yesterday, John took Drew to his favorite store - Home Depot! While John was collecting the wood he needed for his latest project, Drew scurried over to the bays and asked if he could play. John replied, "Yes, just stay in the bay, no crawling under the bays and scaring the customers on the other side." Now, with that response, can you tell that Drew's done this before?

John then grabbed an associate to help him with his large purchase, Drew played contently in the bays pretending to be a monkey. Now, 10 seconds later (John's exact words), the associate all of a sudden look up and points, "Is that your son?" John turns around to find Drew 15 feet in the air on the top rack of the shelving! Drew seeing that he had an audience, exclaimed, " Look Daddy, I'm a little monkey and I stayed in the bay, just like you told me to!" I believe there were sound effects involved too!

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