Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What's a Mommy To Do?

What does a mommy do when her husband takes the kids to her sisters for 3 days? She works, completes monthly posts for the Interactive Bible Reading, then completely vacuum's the entire upstairs (moving everything and getting into all the corners, then she takes a shower and reads a book before falling fast asleep at 2:00 am! I really enjoyed the first 12 hours of being alone. It was weird, I had such freedom! I could vacuum at midnight and not wake anyone up! This morning I tiptoed out of bed and then remembered.... no one is here to wake up! Alas, I have two more days of being alone and I'm already starting to miss my boys (husband included).

I'm finishing up cleaning the whole house tonight so I can enjoy it tomorrow. Maybe I can finish my new book - 90 Minutes In Heaven before Friday! I've been so busy lately the quiet is really nice and calming. John was so sweet to give me a little break. I'll have to surprise him when he gets home!

Enough rambling! I'm off to clean bathrooms and try and reconcile an account that has been giving me trouble!

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