Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thankfulness Is In Our Hearts

391. Sweet uncle who comes to visit and play in the garage
392. Drew’s kind voice asking “momma, will you play Lego’s with me?”
393. Drew is going through a “needy” time, he now wants to be a baby and has started to call me “mama” instead of “mommy.” He is growing so quickly!
394. Letter puzzle stacked 12 high – a wonderful way for a boy to learn letter names and dexterity – not so much fun crawling on hands and knees under table with dog hair and cheerio’s
395. CareNow – so glad its open Sunday’s – Gabe jabbed a medal pointer into his cheek and we went over for Antibiotics just in case.
396. Intimate times with the Lord – I wish I were more diligent about keeping my mind fixed on Him
397. Musical reminders “Be careful little feet where you go, for it's the little feet behind you that are sure to follow” from Casting Crown song Slow Fade
398. Coffee chat with friend – sharing struggles, brief stitches of time, & strength God is growing in our hearts.
399. You know those friends who call just to say I’m thinking of you – well my friend and I called each other at the exact time yesterday – it never rang on either end it was timed so perfectly!
400. Homemade laundry detergent that smells heavenly and costs .01 a load - fun to make with children too!
401. Dozen or so breakfast burrito’s sitting in freezer awaiting the busy August close
402. The smell of homemade oatmeal and hungry tummies eager to feast
403. The pending Autumn – I can hardly wait for the days to cool, leaves to fall, and coats to come out of the closets!
404. Best friend coming for annual Fall visit – only 4 weeks away!
405. Downpour coming out of nowhere to water our thirsty lawn
406. French Drain completed in time for the rainy season & grass quickly growing to hide bare spots
407. Dressed up husband trekking out for more interviews, resume distributions, and growing more connections –we hold to truth “all in God’s perfect timing for He is in the waiting.”
408. More memorized Catechism’s for Mommy & Drew!
409. Drew can now say his whole name thanks to “Bribery & Fruit Snacks” – a lazy speech we will conquer!
410. My wonderful husband – always learning, changing, adapting, teaching & doing anything he can think of to love me better. What more could I possible ask for?

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