Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Quiet Day

Today is a quiet, peaceful nap day! We've been off our schedules lately and both boys haven't been getting enough sleep. So, today we're just resting and getting things ready for September.

Drew hasn't quite been his joyful & fun loving self the past few days. I'm not sure why, but his little heart has been very defiant. So, today he has spent some much needed rest time in his room. I didn't realize how tired he must have been - he has slept most of the late morning to afternoon. Plus went to bed last night early. I'm fervently praying for wisdom and discernment concerning his attitude - so is John.

The house is quiet, the boys are quiet, and the radio isn't even on - very weird for our house.

Gabe and I spent the morning quietly playing and singing, then he crawled around under my desk while I worked. He is such a sweet boy - his teeth are very close to breaking the skin! Drew is excited for school to begin next week. He gets to meet his teacher on Friday! John has been working on projects, 1 of which was more shelving under our bathroom sinks. He did an awesome job, doubling the amount of useful space I have! He also put one under the kitchen sink! Now its up to me to paint them all.

Fall is coming and I can't wait! Texas dropped into the 90's this week - maybe we'll have an early Fall? I can't wait to get out the Fall decorations and make cider and bake bread!

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