Monday, August 4, 2008

My Little Student

Drew is fascinated with learning. He and I are into reciting various things back and forth. Saturday he was talking about his Birthday and how he would be 4 years old and that he wanted a rocket cake that would go to the moon. I asked him when his Birthday was, he said he didn't know . So we practiced "January 24" back and forth. Then today, I asked him when his birthday was and to my amazement, he replied "January 24!"

We also put a world and state map up in the kitchen. We added little ladybug pegs where various family live. I told Drew he was going to see his TiTi and Tio in a few days, he replied, "I'm going to Okluhuma" and then he ran and pointed to the state! I was so excited for him. He is learning so much! John showed him where Australia is and I mentioned that Kangaroo's live in Australia. Now he loves to show us where Australia & kangaroo's are located. We also put a peg where our missionary lives (India) and Drew has memorized that country too. We've been working on writing his name, so far he only knows the letter "D" but I'm in no rush because he is enjoying learning.

Our little man has started to learn about money too! I was in CVS today getting my bargains and Drew found this car that he desperately wanted for 3.99. I asked him if he had any money and he said no. I then asked him if he wanted to earn some money to buy the car. He caught right on! I thought he would forget the whole thing but when we arrived home, he told his Daddy that he wanted a car and he was going to earn the money. So, tonight he made mommy's bed and washed & filled the dog/cat water, & took his laundry basket upstairs. He made 2.00 - then we put 10% in a tithe envelope and 10% into a savings envelope. He has 1.80 for his car. He worked so hard and with such a cheerful heart that I'm taking him to CVS tomorrow and matching his 1.80. He is proudly going to take his car to "Okluhuma" to play with Titi!

Drew's summer has been filled with learning, I laugh because most of the learning came from watching his mommy and daddy, not from my style of "sit down" learning.

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