Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It Rained

It finally rained and cooled off. Today it was only 80 or so and tonight it gets into the 60's! Here comes my favorite season.... Autumn!

Drew is very ready for preschool! He is also ready to move to the "big kid" hall at church. His new class attends a puppet/lesson/singing class and also has a game time! He so wants to go to worship and sing! We walk by while they are practicing and Drew always has to stop and watch.

Today Gabe is 9 months old! He went in for his well-check and had another shot. He is days away from getting his two bottom teeth - the gums are so swollen and tender. Poor kid, he drools and gnaws on anything. Gabe weighed in at 20.6 pounds and 26 1/4 inches long. Gabe is now standing unassisted - just today. His personality is becoming crystal clear to all! He is an extremist - most of the time happy and joyful - always laughing at his big brother. However, he has a temper! You don't want to cross him or he'll scream so loud you can't hear anything else. I'd say 99% of the time he is wonderful, but that 1% is terrible.

As for me, I've been cvs'ing and shopping for bargains! Monday night is my time out - so far our grocery bill has dropped 150.00 per month. We are averaging 250.00 a month for everything - diapers, wipes, formula, etc. August is shaping up to be our cheapest month yet! We've also been cutting down on our energy consumption and for July we dropped our bill 30.00 - which should have increased 30-50 since it was the hottest month so far. John and I have made it into a game - every transaction either makes or breaks the goals we've set. We are currently thinking about investing in Smart Strip Power Strips, John is still researching, but so far we've only heard good things about them.

John has been so diligent in applying for teaching jobs, waiting for principals so he can give them his resume. He has had a few more interviews this week but still nothing. We are getting discouraged, but know God has a plan in all of this. Please pray! John so desperately wants to start a career and this waiting is driving him crazy. We are trying to be patient and obedient while we wait for God's perfect plan to unfold.....

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