Tuesday, August 12, 2008

God’s Blessings

364. A perfectly ordinary day!

365. A new, very fast computer – I'm thankful for my, 8 year old computer which has been passed along to Drew for his "gaming" with the alphabet.

366. John's hard work and dedication! He has been working so hard at finding a teaching job & working his business.

367. Teaching Interviews!

368. Completion of John's teaching program – 4 weeks of 40 hours sitting listening & writing – without pay

369. Gabe's full out belly laughs when you say "Boo"

370. Drew's new found love for geography, he loves our new maps and learning the names of the continents

371. Morning school with Drew while Gabe naps – Drew is learning so much these days

372. John selflessly taking the boys to Oklahoma and giving me 3 days to catch up on work & housecleaning

373. Completed Bible Posts

374. Deals & steals at CVS & Walgreens – I haven't a clue how these places stay in business when they give products away

375. Opening Ceremonies – Drew's first Olympics. We are addicts!

376. Drew's tumbling & jumping & swimming – each day he wants to compete in a different genre

377. Completion of a book, 90 minutes in Heaven. In my world, that is a huge feat- I read it in only 4 days, I haven't read a book that fast since before the kids were born

378. The joys of mothering, children ecstatic to see their mommy after 3 days

379. Sweet Sister & Brother in law who take in my family for a few days

380. Faith – after watching the Chapman's on Larry King it only strengthened my love and devotion to Jesus Christ – live on national TV – I know God was glorified & so was the life of Maria Sue.

381. Jogging with Kitty to the pond – it's a phenomenon I had the energy!

382. Root beer Floats

383. Drew's love for books, he fell asleep tonight reading "Busy Trains."

384. Drew's constant chatter, much of the time about Jesus. He loves to ask us, "Who made you..."

385. Work...completed

386. Life....enjoyed another day

387. Cool 89 today, much cooler than the 105 a few days ago

388. Watching Gabe use the pincher grab to grasp & stuff Cheerio's into his mouth

389. My messy house tonight... for it means children learned & played here

390. Calling a friend to hear they were just thinking about me!

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