Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well, our fast ended on 8/8/08 - we celebrated by watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics. I learned that giving up TV is a piece of cake, giving up the convenience of dining out wasn't so easy. I cheated a week before our fast ended and met a friend at Starbucks. I cheated again on 8/7 and ordered a cheeseburger at McDonald's while running home from the store. I did learn that convenience is a huge decision maker when ordering out. So, to help my cravings for convenience I've started cooking a few items in "bulk". Tonight I made breakfast burritos after the kids went to bed - 15 to be exact. I then wrapped them in plastic wrap and stuck them in the freezer. Now I have a simple breakfast item to grab when I'm rushed. In case you want to make them, their very simple and cheap!

Dozen Eggs .99 * sale at Safeway
Ground Sausage .65 * discounted meat at Safeway
Grated Cheese 1.67 * 3/5 at Kroger
Tortilla's .90 * Costco 50 for around 2.50
Rice .10 * Leftovers from dinner
* throw in additional leftover items like that salsa you need to eat up

Total Cost 4.31 or .29 cents a burrito

I've been doing this with Chocolate Chip cookies too - my friend Bethany showed me how she made double batches and then wrapped enough dough for 6 or so cookies in plastic wrap and freeze. I added to Bethany's great idea and rolled the dough in balls and froze them in ziploc containers, then all you need to do is pop them on a cookie sheet - no need to thaw - bake for 12 minutes. If you lay a baking sheets on top of the pan you don't even have to clean it! An added bonus, you only cook the amount of cookies your family is eating - then you aren't tempted to snack on leftovers!

I'm trying my hand at homemade laundry soap tomorrow (bar of soap, laundry soda, Borax). If I like the way it cleans the clothes then it is a great idea, however a 500% savings only comes down to a savings of 43.68 per year - I'm not sure if that's worth it or not.

7 Loads per week X .15 a load using Kirkland brand = 54.60 per year
7 Loads per week X .03 a load using homemade brand = 10.92 per year

So now that you think I've gone totally nuts I'll quit rambling.......

Might I mention that John took me on a date tonight (yes we went where I had coupons - Spring Creek BBQ BIGIF & a friend watched the kids for free). I had John run me by Target to get a few bargains since we couldn't use the dining in coupon until 5:00:

(12 packs) 2 Root Beers, 2 Dr. Peppers, 1 Sunkist for 5.00 (1.00 per 12 pack)
6 bottles of Suave for 1.80 (.38 per bottle)
Glade Plug Ins - .14 each

Here is the link to the site where I copy all the deals- its great, I don't have to think too hard because moneysavingmom write it all down! The CVS deals for this week weren't very good, but Walgreen's had some great buys!

If your enjoying the benefit of couponing consider taking that savings and sponsoring a child through Compassion International - most of the world is going through a great famine, war has only increased, as well as national disasters. Much of the world doesn't have the luxury of shopping and couponing, their just trying to survive one more day.

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