Sunday, August 24, 2008


This morning Gabe woke with a swollen cheek. I ran into CareNow to get a prescription for antibiotics. The Dr. gave me one specific for mouth infections which turned into a huge debacle since Walgreen's didn't have any stores carrying the medicine. I would have had to order it and pick it up tomorrow, but I really needed to get it into Gabe's system today. So I dropped by CVS and they said they could mix it for me... so sweet!

While I waited at CareNow & CVS & Walgreen's, Gabe slept in the car some of the time and I looked through the adds and planned out my items - I normally head out on Monday nights, but since I had the time and was there anyways it seemed stupid to go out again tomorrow. I found a few great deals!


1 Kotex 16 Ct 1.39 - 1.39 ECB = free + 2.50 overages
I used 1.00 coupon + 1.50 CVS printout for hygiene products + 1.39 ECB

2 Zipfizz 5.99 - 5.99 ECB = free + 2.00 overages
I used 2/10 coupon

CVS Total - I made $4.50 + gained more coupons & a free aspirin for my next visit.

OOP I spent 5.87 & received 13.37 in ECB's! Not bad for buying 3 items!

Savings of 134%

I needed iron supplements for Gabe so my savings % wasn't as good - only 71%.

3 Smuckers Jelly 3/5.00 on sale used 2/.35 coupons 1/.75 coupons
Total: 3/3.55

1 Enfamil Iron Drops 8.99 used 5.00 reward bucks
Total: 3.99

PrepH 3.99 used 3.00 coupon + 2.00 easy saver store coupon
Total: - 1.01

Walgreen's total: 6.53 71% savings

All my groceries are purchased for August. I'm anxious to see if I stayed under the 250.00 mark goal?

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