Friday, August 22, 2008

Added Bonus

(Making Laundry Soap from Scratch; Drew was my super helper! He especially loved grating the bar of soap!)

Drew I made our own laundry soap yesterday - we had a ton of fun and loved the outcome! Our liquid soap fits perfectly in the Kirkland containers. Now my only problem is that I recycled all but one of those Kirkland containers! An added bonus - the washing soda + Borax mixed 50/50 also works in the dishwasher. For a rinse-aid you can add vinegar! I just ran my first load and really liked it. I also read that you can add a tbsp of dish soap for particularly greasy dishes. Oh the wonders of the Internet! I think I'm sold on the homemade dish washing soap - we spend .30 cents a load using the Costco package with the rinse aid & soap squares. The homemade kind costs a penny per load!

We are celebrating my mother's Birthday this weekend; thanks to Titi, Drew knows Mom will be 52 and freely tells everyone! Tonight we all had dinner and Gabe found a plate stand under the hutch, would you believe he got the wire stuck in his cheek - he looked like a fish with a hook stuck in his mouth. It was really stuck in there tight, so I held Gabe and our wonderful nurse/aunt did the removal. Would you believe it didn't even bleed? Poor Gabe, I'm glad he is up on all his shots. I can feel a little puncture on the cheek, but there isn't any swelling. Between the "fish hook" and the ant bites from a few weeks back - Gabe has been through a lot. I don't remember Drew being such a target for accident.

I'm off to give the dog a bath - she got into something very smelly a few days ago. Both John and I commented on this horrible smell that kept following us all over - even to my mom's house. My sister informed me today that the dog smelled terrible, sure enough she was the smelly culprit!

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