Thursday, July 10, 2008

We're Still Here

We are still around, just sick with the flu. Who knew you could get the icky flu in July?

We spent a very fun weekend with my sister and brother in law! The boys loved being spoiled by their TiTi and Tio! We went swimming a few times and had our first trip to the FW Zoo. Drew's favorite part of the Zoo was..... the 2 minute train ride! Gabe had a great time "staring" at his Titi. For some reason, he would follow her with his eyes and stare at her with the most serious look on his face. Too funny!

Gabe current weight: 19.2 pounds

Drew current weight: 29.0 pounds

Mommy is currently 4+ pounds lighter than a week ago. Its nice loosing weight and not being hungry. Well, that's trying to be optimistic!

Thank you Aunt Sherri for the inflatable Killer Whale! Drew loved playing with it. The whale's outcome is posted on the picture page!

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