Saturday, July 5, 2008

To Do List

Today's List looks like this:
  • Laundry

  • Dishes

  • Vacuum floors

  • Make beds

  • Prepare Breakfast, lunch, & dinner

  • Clean linen closet

  • Finish Bible Posts

The important things aren't on the list:

  • Cuddle with little boys

  • Play flubber with Drew

  • Read kids tons of books, ask probing question, remember funny answers

  • Work on a few lines from the Catechism's

  • Sing songs with Drew, dance & be silly

  • Relax & pray while watering the garden

  • Pray for my husband as he takes a long exam and then works till 11:00pm

  • Encourage Gabe at his crawling endeavors

  • Take the neighbors cookies

  • Blessed each person who I come into contact with

I tend to finish my to do list before remembering the important things aren't listed. Life has a way of always providing ample things to keep me occupied .... Lord may I choose to do those things which are far more important and kingdom focused that those that serve myself and my agenda.

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