Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home Chillin'

We are home relaxing! Gabe is still sick with the flu - just a mild fever and diarrhea remain. Drew proudly displays his balding head for all to see. My mother, sweet mother, searched the Internet trying to find what plagued our 3 1/2 years old head. She didn't believe that he randomly cut a perfect circle in the middle of his scalp, to her horror she diagnosed him with Ring worm. The doctors confirmed her diagnosis this morning. He is now on anti-fungal medicine 2x per day for the next 6 weeks. Joy! One more thing for my tired head to remember.

I don't think I mentioned but our bi-annual fast was moved from August due to the Olympics. So we're fasting from TV, media, and spending money from: 7/7-8/7. I started trying to coupon this month because my goal is to only spend 150.00 for the entire month on groceries. Last fast I spent 200.00 but felt I could have been more frugal. This month we are well on our way, I've only spent 70.00 on groceries! We are taking the money we save and prepaying down John's student loan. I can't wait to get rid of that thing!

Speaking of students... John is in class this month studying for his THEA exam, which is necessary for his teaching license. He has class M-F, until 8/1. John's been hastily applying for teaching positions and we're praying hard for interviews.

I'm enjoying our fasting month by trying to finish two books, sprucing up my garden, and being lazy! I'm finding it hard to get motivated since I spent a few days sick in bed. I'm also clipping coupons for bargains! Today, with the help of some friends who already snagged the deal, I went to Target and bought a package of jumbo diapers and 216 count wipes. I went through twice and in the end got $31.96 of diapers/wipes for 8.98 plus a 5.00 gift card - total cost 3.98, a savings of 88%! I'm headed back this weekend for another pack!

Grandma Patti is coming for a quick 4 day visit. She is anxious to see Drew all potty trained and all of Gabe's new fat rolls!

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The Minter's said...

So is the $150 just food or is it food and household stuff too? If you do both off the $150, I need some hints!