Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Fun Week

(Our Little Prayer Warrior!)

This week Grandma Patti came for a visit. It was a very relaxing time - we visited the Fort Worth Zoo, went to church on Sunday, and then Grandma Patti & Drew went to a fun little children's water day at our church for a few hours. Drew is totally in love with his grandma - she brought him Richard Scarry books from 20+ years ago. He has been reading them constantly. Its cute, we'll be chatting after dinner or talking to Gabe and wonder where Drew went. We normally find him sitting on the couch looking at his books. She also brought him Tiger Jammie's from China which he loves wearing around the house growling like a Tiger! Grandma Patti left on Tuesday night and all I heard about Wednesday & Thursday was how he "needed to see her" and then he tried to convince me to fly to Oregon so we could find Grandma Patti. Poor Drew, he really misses his Grandma!

Gabe is cranky again.... still teething yet no teeth to show for it! He is scooting across the living room now, eager to get into whatever Drew is playing with. Gabe is also starting to show his temper! I remember Drew would squirm when I was changing his diaper and all I had to say was "no" in a deep voice and he would cry. Gabe and I had a 5 minute battle this morning just trying to get him undressed and into a clean diaper. He desperately wanted to sit up and roll over while I was dressing him. No amount of "no" would entice him to sit still. I even "tapped" his leg a few times and that didn't work. I eventually won the battle, but we'll see how he does tomorrow! His temper and red face were very apparent today!

John has only 1 more week of his training! We can't wait! Our fast is going well, I'm on target for my groceries (200.00 for the month) but our medical budget made up for the grocery savings - 4 trips to the doctor equals 80.00 in co-pays! Yikes!

I've been enjoying the deals - today I ended up getting 15.95 worth of items at CVS and I actually made 1.01 after taxes! I also bought 60.87 worth of products at Walgreens for $21.27. The Walgreen's trip stocked Drew up on pull ups for the next 2 months. It also included: razors, shaving cream, a large J&J baby lotion, an alarm clock, deodorant, & an IPOD charger. I've been having way too much fun saving money! Tomorrow I'm over to Albertson's to stock up on cereal - 10 boxes of cereal for 10.00!

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