Thursday, June 19, 2008

What Was I thinking?

I went in yesterday for an annual checkup. The doctor noticed that I was due for a tetanus shot. When she asked if I wanted it today, I said "Sure!" I don't know what I was thinking! The last tetanus shot made me feel tired and sick with the flue, not to mention not being able to lift my left arm. So, here I am 24 hours later begging my husband to come home from work and take over. I have the chills and every muscle in my body is terrible sore, my mother is in Oregon for 2 weeks, and I can't even lift my baby. I guess I wasn't thinking!

Today Gabe is officially 7 months old. So, to celebrate he was given his first french fry. He enjoyed gumming it and had the most accomplished look on his face once he was done. At last weigh-in Gabe weighed 19 pounds and has more fat rolls that I can count. He is trying hard to crawl and keep up with his brother. Gabe's been teething for 3 months now and hasn't a tooth to show for it. He had the runs, a fever, and was congested this week. Drew would get that way right before a tooth would pop up. I'm praying it comes fast!

Drew is enjoying swimming lessons and reading books way into the night. He enjoys playing in his sandbox or at the neighbors swinging. Daddy took him out yesterday for a guys outing. They went to Sears (it had A.C) in between two visits to the park. Drew rode tons of tractors and pretended that a storm was coming so that had to mow quickly. Too cute. The salesmen at the store were very confused, they thought Drew had to buy a tractor so he could get it home before the storm came. They didn't quite comprehend the imagination of a 3 1/2 year old.

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