Monday, June 16, 2008


It's been 1+ week since our marriage conference. The novelty and bliss we experience after these conferences is set to expire any day now. The emotional highs are great, but its how we respond afterwords that cement's the marriage in passionate change. One statement from the conference that I've been mulling over is "What if God designed marriage to make me holy, not happy."

Holiness certainly isn't what I was thinking about on my wedding day. But, in reality, that is the purpose of marriage. Marriages are tough, so is raising children. Both marriage and children were created by God to be stable, permanent, and push us towards holiness. If life is all about us, then there isn't any room for God. When we have strain in our lives it pushes us to depend on God.

Thank you Lord for my family, in every aspect of my life they've changed me to become more like you.....

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Marlaine said...

That is so true about moving toward holiness. What I have been thinking about is Gen 3:17 Adam was punished because he listened to the VOICE of his wife. It made me reflect what is my husband listening to. Does it Glorify God? How does my voice affect my husband?