Sunday, June 15, 2008

Things I love About My Daddy

We Love You Daddy! Happy Fathers Day 2008

Here are a few things that Drew loves about his daddy:

  • Daddy plays Lego's with me

  • He works at Home Depot and brings home hammers to fix the TV

  • He has lots of fun tools, Drew's favorite tool is Daddy's little piece of wood

  • Daddy works hard

  • Daddy reads me books and tickles me

  • I love it when Daddy throws pillows at my head, but only when I don't get hurt

  • Daddy wears pink shirts

  • Daddy swings me high!

  • Daddy makes all things for God's glory (slight paraphrase, Drew actually said Daddy makes all things for his glory, he meant a capital H right?)

When I asked Gabe he just drooled!

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