Wednesday, June 11, 2008


301. Icky diapers, for it means my little one is well nourished

302. Church picnic where I met new faces and saw old friends

303. The change God can make in a marriage and in a heart – we saw friends who were in our Bible study 3 years ago, they were getting a divorce and then God changed their lives! John and I commented that they look so much different than the day we met them 3 years ago. We almost didn’t do the study because Drew was born on the day it began. I’m so glad we did!

304. Watching Kitty swim at the BBQ and all the children laughing in amazement to see a dog swimming with the ducks

305. Sharing an office with my husband, I enjoy being able to talk to him while I catch up on all my filing

306. Establishing family traditions – annual and daily

307. Awesome worship music to help energize my day

308. Gabe’s contagious giggles when Daddy tickles him

309. Drew’s gleeful smile while playing with flubber

310. Watching in wonder as our caterpillars emerged from their chrysalis

311. IBR posts completed – written slowly instead of in a hurry

312. Watching Gabe giggle in anticipation of Daddy’s tickles

313. Clorox disinfectant spray that kills 99% of germs and is safe for kids because it dissolves! 314. Prayer cards that remind me of my focused attention

315. Work changes and the assurance of future stability

316. An attitude of grace and forgiveness … Only from you Father

317. Flowerbeds that always remind me of the love my husband has for me!

318. Chubby legs trying desperately to crawl

319. The passionate worship of my child

320. God reminding me through my son that “daddy does all things for God’s glory!”

321. Family devotions, though still inconsistent, it happens more often than it use to

322. Drew’s excitement over his first day of swimming lessons

323. Imaginations- it takes Drew to the wildest places, so fun for a mommy’s ears to hear

324. 3 boxes of children’s books – a gift meant for the Goodwill – but instead thoughtful husband asked is he could take them home to his wife.

325. I love knowing my sweet husband things about us while he is away

326. Eating a "light and fluffy Chocolate Chip cookie" and dreaming about time with my best friend

327. Sweet memories of sipping tea with friend Bethany

328. Engaging child who loves books like his mommy!

When we were children we were grateful to
those who filled our stockings at Christmas time.
Why are we not grateful to God for filling our stockings with legs?

G.K. Chesterton

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