Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer and Sitting

Our summer break will hopefully be filled with growth and reading! I'm trying to start engaging Drew in Pre-school like learning this summer. I'm trying to find out if "homeschooling" is something I am cut out for. The good thing about living in Texas is that Kindergarten isn't mandatory, so I can spend the next 2 years teaching him the basics and if I (or Drew) end up hating it, he can enter 1st grade and won't be behind. So far I love it! I love seeing his eager desire to engage the world and learn new thing. our Butterfly and Metamorphasis unit was so fun!

John has been helping me learn how to "teach" Drew since my "sit down and listen" ideas always end in frustration. John enlightened me to a new way of learning; Drew learns best by "doing" or participating in play, Its weird for me to think that play is leaning, but the proof is in the child - as well as many studies I've been reading lately. Drew has learned so many new things the past two weeks and all I've done is play and engage his curious mind. For example: Drew loves to get messy, so we made flubber and colored it with yellow food coloring. Then I took alphabet and number cookie cutters and Drew played with the flubber and cookie cutters! Then we practiced naming the letters and spelling out his name in the flubber. Drew had a blast. Finally, we ended by covering his race car, and his head, in flubber. Oh, daddy's head too! Drew had so much fun! John and I are also teaching him basic truths of the Christian faith, for our "homes are the universities where our children learn about the world and how to live." We, John and I, are working through a great book called "Big truths for Little Kids" its a great resource for preschool aged family devotions as well as a great way to pass along the Faith with language little children can comprehend. The stories back up the catechisms and then there are short questions to ask and then a scripture verse to pray. John reads the story and questions and we both ask Drew the catechisms throughout the day (repeatition). Drew really enjoys it and so does mommy and daddy!

Gabe is now sitting up! He just started today, he has been able for about a month but always leaned forward to his tummy or arched his back. He is growing up too fast! Drew is having some issues sharing with Gabe, yesterday he took Gabe's toy and said (after I called him on taking Gabe's toy) "Look, Gabe is sharing with me!" We also discovered that Gabe gets heat rashes very easily. Any time he sweats he breaks out in a splotchy rash.

John and I will be taking Drew and Gabe to the park tonight for a church wide picnic. It should be nice and hot (95 degrees). Kitty will enjoy the picnic too. This week we had a stray dog live with us for 2 days. It really made me appreciate our precious dog that doesn't: bark for no reason, dig, pee in the house, whine, shed, chew up things, and destroy my plants! Kitty is the best dog ever (Thanks Scotty!)

Our annual marriage conference is next weekend! We can't wait! My mom is so wonderful, she is watching both boys for us so we can attend.

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