Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Boys...

Tonight as I was doing laundry I had to laugh at the things boys put in their pockets, I found the following in just 1 load:

  • Two nuts - missing bolts

  • A plastic rocket (have I mentioned Drew's into rockets?)

  • The dog who sits in the rocket

  • Two plastic some-thing-or-others

  • A button

  • A piece of garbage

Like father, like son! Drew is growing into the shoes of his Daddy. They: walk alike (scary!), sleep alike, have very similar mannerisms, dress alike, both feet smell alike by the end of the day, both love playing in the garage, both extroverts, both find it fun to converse with perfect strangers, and finally - everyone in our neighborhood know both their names and hasn't a clue who I am!

Drew is so fortunate to have a generous and godly model to call his "Daddy."

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