Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back To Basics

I find it so interesting that as more studies and research are conducted on media, we are being taken back to the basics of life. New research is showing that to "Recapture Joy", or get rid of depression, we need to get unplugged. Focus on the family interviewed Dr. Archibald Hart explaining how we are addicted too excitement and over-stimulation. The broadcast summary states:

On yesterday's broadcast, psychologist Archibald Hart explained how many Americans are addicted to excitement and entertainment, and how over-stimulating the "pleasure center" in our brain can diminish our capacity to experience enjoyment. Today, our guest outlines steps that listeners can take to break the entertainment addiction. Hart offers advice for recovering a healthy balance and gaining lasting contentment in a discussion based on his book Thrilled to Death: How the Endless Pursuit of Pleasure is Leaving Us Numb.

"[Anhedonia] is the gradual shutting down of the brain's pleasure system because it's overused, over-stimulated. And at a certain point, that shutdown is so profound that technically, it becomes a clinical depression."

"I'm a gadget person, but I discipline myself. I will not touch a
keyboard after eight o'clock in the evening because if I do, I know I'm not going to get to sleep [on] time ... I have a cell phone, but only one person
knows the number, and that's my wife, and it's [only] for emergencies. Very few people have my e-mail address."

Archibald Hart

Our family isn't too plugged in by way of TV but we love our computers! I loved this broadcast because it freed me from the guilt of always having fun things for my boys to do. The research encourages children to grow up exploring and discovering through a lifestyle of simple experiences. This encourages boredom and forces the child to use their imagination. Consequently, it also allows us to work on discipline and heart issues with the boys! It certainly is a matter of discipline to keep technology from controlling our lives!

To listen select the "recapture joy" link above.

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