Sunday, June 1, 2008

Not My Reality

As I was sitting and plotting out this coming weeks schedule, I took a break and checked on a blog reader from Mauritania who had posted a video link about the countries food crisis. It really took me aback. My world is so small, I grumble about gas and food prices rising, but have no right to complain about my small, insignificant sacrifices. I often throw food away and a stop at McDonald's, though a treat, never breaks the budget (dollar menu's rock!). The video pushed me to consume less, give more, pray harder, and praise God that when I tuck my little ones into bed tonight I have confidence that all their basic needs are met and full tummies will allow them to peacefully dream for 12 slumbersome hours.

I'm not sure how I could function each day knowing the basic needs of my children couldn't be met; watching them suffer, how would I endure? This definitely gives more merit to our fasting months (February & August) and challenges me to instill a lifestyle of service and generosity into my children via modeling.

For the poor will never cease to be in the land; therefore I command you,
saying, 'You shall freely open your hand to your brother, to your needy and poor
in your land.'
Deuteronomy 15:11

The Lord provided for the poor by commanding Christians to meet their needs. We are the answer.

Lord, I humble ask how should our family serve the needs of the poor today? Grant Mauritanians the basics of survival this night. Bring food to the poor and peace to their parents souls. Send out a miracle that can only be explained in You.

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