Saturday, June 28, 2008

7 Month Comparison

Well it is easy to tell which one is Gabe - he has all the fat rolls! I looked back at Drew's baby book. Both boys are on the same developmental schedule - Gabe is currently sitting up and can crawl 1-2 steps before tumbling over. Today he went from a crawl position to a sitting position! Gabe is still teething, I looked at Drew's book and he didn't get his first teeth until 9 months. Ugh, two more months of diaper rashes, diarrhea, fevers, and drooling! Poor Gabe, he does handle it much better than Drew ever did.

Gabe loves life! He smiles at anything and loves to move around after Drew. When I get him in the mornings or for naps he is always up on all 4's trying to practice crawling. When he eye's me, I get the biggest smile, almost as big as the one he gives Daddy when he gets home from work. So cute! Gabe is enjoying barley and banana's for breakfast & Dinner, but will eat anything i give him - he doesn't have a favorite. He is only nursing in the mornings and evenings, and really is content to drink formula the rest of the time. I wish I'd been more intentional about feeding and pumping but It became so tiring that I needed the break. Plus, the doctor discovered that my 2+ week of migraines was really a sinus infection. The migraine meds and the antibiotics are both no no's when breastfeeding. I've been more tired the past few week and really sore. I haven't had migraines since before Drew was born and I was dealing with TMJ issues (yes Drew, not Gabe). I'm sure its the change in weather, change of hormones, and all the dust that was swirling around after our ducts and carpets were cleaned a few weeks back. I can't wait to feel normal again!

Drew just finished two weeks of swimming lessons. He loved it, but still doesn't like putting his full head in the water. He loves playing in the water though so I'm not too concerned. We watched the gymnastic trials this past week on TV and Drew's decided he wants to be a gymnast. He starts a little gym class once a week starting in July. I can't wait, he's been tumbling and jumping all over the house! Tonight we had a thunderstorm and Drew had fun running and jumping in the rain!

(Daddy made rainbow pancakes to top mommy's Green Eggs!)

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