Monday, May 12, 2008

Still Here

We are still here, just getting back to normal. We had John's brother Scotty here for a few weeks and then my sister and her husband were visiting from Oklahoma for about 4 days. We are just now getting back to a routine with normal bedtimes and nap schedules. I haven't taken many pictures the last few weeks because my camera has been acting up.

Gabe is growing and changing daily. He discovered his voice last week and loves to scream and laugh at us. He is also getting quite incessant about his food. He has a temper tantrum if he wants more milk and it doesn't arrive as soon as he desires. Gabe is growing out of his 3-6 month clothes and his 6 month appointment is on the 20th. Gabe is a very content baby, he doesn't get too fussy and still loves to sleep. He is teething still which has created some fussy evenings. Gabe loves to smile and laugh, he also loves to watch people.

Drew is growing and learning each new day. He is potty trained now, almost 2 weeks without any accidents ... well almost. Today at school he went in his pants so he is presently in his room as punishment. This too will pass!
We are studying caterpillar's this month, our caterpillar's arrived on Saturday and we've been reading the "Very Hungry Caterpillar" and another book of fun facts about butterflies. Drew loves to watch the caterpillars and each morning he runs downstairs to see if they've turned into Butterflies! I've explained many times that they first hang and spin into Chrysalis, but he will soon discover it for himself. Next week is Drew's last week of school. Oh my! Where did the time go. Drew will start swimming lessons in June and is also taking a gymnastics class on Thursday's over the summer. Drew loves to run, jump, somersault, and ride his bike. His days are much better if we first include a run around the block ... or at least to the light post!

I'm busy procrastinating, my Interactive Bible Readings are due Wednesday! My house is a disaster and our fridge is bare.

John is busy subbing, working at HD, and working his Handyman business. He is enjoying the flexible hours and spending more time in the garage. Soon his teaching class will begin!

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