Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Question from today's IBR:
How are you making sure the generation after you, your own children and others children are being raised in the faith of Christianity?

We just recently started having discipleship time as a family (after many failed attempts!). We are enjoying the simplicity of the book "Big Truths for little Kids." It seems to make our family time easier and more focused on concepts that young children can comprehend. The first three questions we're working on are:

Who made you? God
What else did God make? God made all things.
Why did God make all things? For His Glory
I've had fun teaching these simple lessons, asking them throughout the day. It is fun to see how the mind of a 3 year old starts to put things together. (We recently had a discussion where our 3 year old said," God made mommy, daddy, Nana, and me!" When asked, "What about your baby brother?" He replied, "No God didn't make baby Gabe, mommy's tummy made him!")

As for other children, we have two neighbor children that my son loves to play with. My family ministers to them as much as we can. Our 3 year old decided this week that since our neighbor was sick, he wanted to give her a gift. So we delivered sidewalk chalk today. Our son was so excited to give her the present that he really wanted! I love seeing generosity spring up in my kids. It helps encourage this mommy to "keep up the good fight..."

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