Monday, May 19, 2008


Life has settled into a nice harmonic melody... for a change we are actually on a schedule and enjoying its consistency! What a week we have had! I was busy last week writing my IBR's for this coming week. I posted two of them below. It was also closing at work so I was super busy getting work wrapped up for the month. Once all "work" was complete I treated myself to some planting and weeding! I'll have to post some pictures of the flowerbeds, they turned out beautiful this year. It is so peaceful to sit out back and look at God's creation. I'm trying to teach Drew all the names of specific flowers; maybe he will love gardening as much as I do! Drew enjoyed helping me pull weeds, playing in his sandbox, and playing in the dirt as I planted. He also gave me some sunflowers for Mothers Day; we planted them early last week and have been watching them grow!

(Drew at 7 Months Gabe at 6 Months)

Our Caterpillars moved into their Chrysalis forms this past week. Drew loves to run downstairs each morning and check on them He took them to school today to show all his friends. Nana also taught us a fun song which we have been singing plenty of - it is about Metamorphosis! I took the boys to the Goodwill this past Friday in search of some new books, Drew was so good. He sat in the book section for 30 minutes while I scrummaged through tons of bins of books. He currently loves Richard Scarry books - we found 4! At .50 cents for soft cover and 1.00 for hard its cheaper to go to the Goodwill than the library (since we can never remember to being books back on time!). We bought a nice stack which have already been read multiple times. Drew is turning into quite the bookworm. We also found a portable tape player which has two microphones attached so sing along with. Drew has been captivated, listening to many of the old tapes I listened to as a child - Psalty, Wee Sing, and Julie's favorite "Raffi."

Drew said the funnies thing yesterday, he insisted on cleaning out his ear with a Q-tip and when he pulled it out all yellow, he said, "Yucky, mommy theirs pee in my ear!"

John and I have been trying to teach Drew the difference between "Needs and Wants." He just started to say, "Mommy(or Daddy), I NEED this." He is starting to understand the difference. Today he said, "Mommy, I want a cupcake" instead of needing one. Drew is at such a fun age, he is learning tons of new things each day and we are actually having conversations!

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